We are ‘Home Carer’s Alliance’ because our quality disability care starts with home

From providing quality disability accommodation to making you feel at home via our quality care wherever you are, HCA is committed to providing the best care and accommodation while improving the lives of people living with a disability.

HCA takes time to listen and learn to help provide the best care, while improving the lives of people living with a disability.

We’ve seen first-hand the challenges that many people with disability face and are here to make a real change.

We create an inclusive space built on trust, respect and equality, where people with disability are empowered to take control of their own lives and actively seek out opportunities to achieve their full potential.

Our mission is to empower people with disabilities to take control of their own lives and to actively seek out opportunities to achieve their full potential as individuals.

Our Purpose

Accommodating your lifestyle, your way!

Our Vision

Creating an inclusive space for people to live and share the life that they choose, through people partnerships, trust, respect, and quality.

Our Values

  • Trust
    Our people can TRUST that we are authentic and transparent.
  • Holistic
    We are committed to the HOLISTIC needs, care and support of our people.
  • Respectful
    We are RESPECTFUL of our people, their values, beliefs, and lifestyles.
  • Inclusive
    We are INCLUSIVE ambassadors and welcome people from all walks of life!
  • Versatile
    We are VERSATILE—we know not one size fits all.
  • Excellence
    We strive for EXCELLENCE in everything we do!

Why HCA Started

When he was a Manager for a major Australian fast-food chain, our CEO employed two teenage boys diagnosed with Aspergers; his first experience with people diagnosed with a disability. He quickly saw how all staff and management bullied and isolated them from the team and was criticised for employing them.

After researching their diagnosis and how to get the best outcomes, he began training the boys and other staff members to work with them.

In the end, both boys became valued staff members, sought after by all managers, working full-time hours and training other staff on workstations due to their focus, routine and consistent quality.

After witnessing the struggles, bullying and isolation of people diagnosed with a disability, our CEO began working within the disability sector where he was exposed to many difficult situations and stories of neglect and disadvantage. He delved into researching the experiences of Australian people with a disability and institutionalised care settings to better understand the treatment they received. He also took an interest in behavioural participants and attended PART and MAYBO training sessions to learn and assist trainers with their sessions.

Through these experiences, our CEO has worked with many individuals to problem solve and improve the lives of people living with complex disabilities. From his passion to support Australians with disabilities, Home Carer’s Alliance grew. Our mission: to empower more and more lives.

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